Suitable for: people of all ages, including children (6 o more yrs.) and seniors, who are in fair condition.

Trail conditions: facilitated and wide, with hardened smooth surfaces.

Type of terrain: flat, typically in parks and forests.

Distance, duration and elevation: Very short, with no increase in elevation.






Suitable for: people of most ages (more than 6 yrs.) who are in general good condition, with some (basic) hiking experience.

Trail conditions: mostly facilitated and wide, with mostly firm and stable surfaces. Decent signage and trail markings.

Type of terrain: flat/hilly.

Distance, duration and elevation: 2-3 km, 2-3 hours per day, with little/some increase in elevation.


Suitable for: people of most ages ( more than 10 yrs.) who are in general good condition, and have previous hiking experience.

Trail conditions: at times facilitated (ie. wooden/stone staircases, bridges, railings). Narrower and more technical, although mostly firm and stable surfaces. Rocks and other obstacles are present.

Type of terrain: Hilly, with some steeper, rocky sections where good eye/hand/feet coordination is required.

Distance, duration and elevation: 3-8 km, 3-5 hours per day, with quite a lot of elevation gain.


Suitable for: people of most ages (more than 15 yrs.) who are in very good condition, and have previous hiking experience.

Trail conditions: Narrow/non existent trails, mostly marked with simple signs/cairns. At times more technical “off-the-beaten-track” hiking.

Type of terrain: Mountainous. Steeper sections with rocky surfaces requiring good eye/hand/feet coordination. Unsteady surfaces and a variety of obstacles (ie creeks, bushes, boulders) occur.

Distance, duration and elevation: 8-12 km or more, 5-7 hours per day, with significant gain in elevation (more than 1000 mt).


Suitable for: people in their physical prime – excluding people under 18 yrs. – who are in extremely good condition, and have extensive hiking experience.

Trail conditions: rarely facilitated with very simple technical equipment (ie chains, ropes). Mostly non-existent, unmarked trails. Mainly technical “off-the-beaten-track” hiking and scrambling.

Type of terrain: Mountainous. Mainly unsteady surfaces and a wide variety of obstacles (ie creeks, rivers, bushes, boulders, and steep rock surfaces).

Distance, duration and elevation: At least 15 km, and more than 7 hours, with at least 1500 meters gain in elevation per day.


This symbol indicates that the organized tour might include snow/ice conditions. In such cases, your guide will provide you with all required equipment – typically hiking poles and snowshoes – which are also included in the tour’s price. Bringing along good wind/water-proof hiking clothes, suitable for winter conditions, is necessary.