Peligni Castles

The Peligna valley, with its main centre of Sulmona, was a admired fortified valley up to few centuries ago, and numerous defence towers and castles were placed to look over it. Castles, in particular, were built so as to allow a speedy delivery of information in case of attack by enemies and most of the time they were visually connected to each other. Today, more than ten castles and towers are still visible, some of them are well preserved, some other are ruins. The tour will take you to some of these defence infrastructures which will allow you to really appreciate medieval architecture and military tactics. A tour guide from the Abruzzo Region and a Medieval Art and Architecture historian will look after you during this experience.




activity: hiking + jeep tour

season: winter, spring, summer, autumn

height difference: 50 mt

length:  60 km by car

walking and transfer time:  total 12 h

basic equipment: mountain shoes, long pants, waterproof jacket, hat, 1 lt. water/ tea bottle, some energy food, small backpack.

recommended equipment: 1 spare t-shirt, camera, binoculars, sun glasses, sun cream

price: 50 euro per person jeep transfer included