Born in 1971 in Guardiagrele (CH) Italy, he graduated in Literature at the University of La Sapienza in Rome with his thesis on the historical-architectonics “Medieval St. Michael churches in the Majella area – Inland Abruzzo”.

Since boyhood, his passion for the mountains has always been parallel to that of his art.

In 2000 he became a Mountain Guide of the  Mountain Guides Association of Abruzzo and a member of the AGAI (Italian Mountain Guides Association). Since 1994 he has collaborated with several environmental associations (LIPU, WWF, Legambiente) carrying out educational programs and stopovers in the Majella National Park. Since 1997, he has worked closely with the Board of the Majella National Park managing the information centers and producing natural history illustrations.

In 2009 he became Nordic Walking Instructor with the Italian School of Nordic Walking.

In 2009 he becomes a Tourist Guide and is registered with the Professional Tourist Guides in the Region of Abruzzo.

In Parma 2011, he co-founded together with Francesca Consigli ADAMstudio11, an artistic partnership for whom walking is intended as an emotional gesture as well as being physical, it is an endless source of artistic inspiration. This hiking-artistic work resulted in the first major international exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague (2015).

After more than ten years of evaluating and researching, in 2012, together with Francesca Consigli, he designs and builds the PineCube, an observatory used to marvel at the scenery and for wildlife watching, unique in Italy.

He has worked on several publications and is the author of the guide “Majella National Park.
30 selected itineraries in the heart of the Mother Mountain “(co-author M. Cerceo), 2007, and the guide “Wildlife Watching in the Majella National Park”, in 2015.

He is the founder and creator of MajellaTrekking he is an independent Mountain Guide and a walking artist.