Mount Rotella (2129 m): our guides will take you on a long and pleasant hike on the mountain which overlooks the major Abruzzi’s uplands. Unforgettable views and the chance to see wild animals along the way. Of course, all this made memorable by the Majellatrekking guides.




activity: hiking

season: spring, summer, autumn

height difference: 800 mt up, 700 down

length: 12 km

walking time: about 5 h

basic equipment: hiking shoes, long trousers, waterproof jacket, down jacket, hat, 2 lt. water/ tea, some energy food, electric torch, compass, first haid kit, small backpack.

recommended equipment: 1 spare T-shirt, camera, binoculars, electric torch, sun glasses, sunscreen.

price: 30 euro per person transfer included