Mount Porrara (2137 mt): our guides will take you on a mountain ridge hike along the calcareous “blade” of Mount Porrara from south to north, touching its peak. We will retrace the “Gustav” line, discovering its anti-aircraft warfare posts used during World War II. Breathtaking views from both sides of the mountain. Not to be missed!




activity: hiking

season: summer, autumn, winter and spring it’s a beautiful alpine crossing

height difference: 880 m up, 1070 m down

length: 12 km

walking time: 6 h

basic equipment: hiking shoes, long trousers , wind and water proof jacket,down filled jacket, hat, ,compass, personal first aid kit, spare socks, 2 or 3 lt. water/ tea, energy food for one day, backpack.

recommended equipment: 1 spare T-shirt, camera, binoculars, electric torch, sun glasses, sun cream, woollen hat.

price: 30 euro per person, transfer included;